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As a writer, my characters, their relationships, and emotions, are my favorite part of the process, and they’re what I usually come up with first. I love these fictional “people” more and more as the story plays out. Yes, they sometimes run away with the plot, but that’s just part of the fun, and their insights often make the book better. Yet there’s a downside too—as I write The End, it’s always hard to let them go.

That was true most recently for my women’s fiction novels, THE GO-TO GIRL, which is a new book, and the re-issue (denoted as an LR Classic) of UNFORGETTABLE. You can find these two exclusively at Amazon.com.

And don’t miss my Kansas Cowboys series from Harlequin Heartwarming! The latest title is
A COWBOY’S HOMECOMING (available July 27, 2021).

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