Hello, everybody!!!

I’m a Gemini and we Twins of the Zodiac can be easily bored. I always need a challenge. I keep busy, and engaged, by writing heartfelt contemporary romance, sweet romance and romantic suspense. There’s even a bit of the historical in my book Unforgettable.

 In each book I write, I try to pose a question for that story and set of characters. (E.g., in Danny Boy, “How do I create romantic tension for an already-married couple?”) And no matter which subgenre I’m working in, my stories always seem to contain a smidgen of suspense too or a secret, even a small one. Something to help keep those pages turning.

Characters, their relationship and emotions, are my favorite part of the writing process. They’re what I usually come up with first, and I love these “people” more and more as the story plays out. I admit I’m also a pantser rather than a plotter. I like my characters to “channel” their deepest emotions and to decide, as much I’ll let them, what will happen to them in the book. It’s amazing what I learn! Yet there’s a definite downside: It’s always hard to let them go.

 Happy reading! Be sure to check back often to see what’s coming next.