Meet Leigh


Like so many writers and readers, I grew up with my nose in a book. I lived in a small town in northeastern Ohio where I could walk or bike to the local library, and I practically lived there. I read fiction, of course (Willa Cather’s pioneer books, Rosamond du Jardin’s teen stories/romance, Nancy Drew, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, a favorite book called Calico and Crinolines—anyone recall that author’s name?), lots of non-fiction and biography. I read Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo plus the life stories of famous figures like Clara Barton, Kit Carson, Thomas Edison, etc. and developed a lifelong interest in history. In my home my parents tended to read only newspapers or magazines, but I read everything I could get my hands on. I still do.

Although I must have seemed like an alien creature to them, my family encouraged my fledgling wish to become a writer. At eight, I got the best Christmas present ever from Santa. A typewriter! A few years later my first effort, a pre-teen serial, was quite popular at my study hall table where the kids devoured each day’s output. A lesson in learning how to write fast! But I didn’t actually submit a story for publication until years later—to one of the confession magazines. They were a wonderful way to learn how to produce vibrant scenes and conflict.

Since then, I’ve published a number of novels from glitz and glamour to my latest Heartwarming romance. Along the way I’ve met so many other wonderful authors and worked with a great bunch of very professional editors. I can’t imagine a better career! I hope to keep on learning, growing, always writing.

I’m a member of the Authors Guild, Novelists, Inc., and Romance Writers of America. I’ve served as a judge for the RITA awards, the Northwest Houston RWA Lone Star Writing Competition, the Maggies and the Emily contests, among others.                                                                     

When I’m not working or thinking about working? I’ve lived in different places but have settled in the Southeast where I’m determined to finish making this house exactly the way I want it to be. I love to travel with my husband, garden, play the piano, read or watch movies, and keep my mischievous Maine Coon cat happy. She’s my virtual assistant. Now if she could only plot my next book for me…


Meet Leigh (short bio):

            Award-winning, USA Today bestselling author Leigh Riker was eight years old when she got the best Christmas present ever from Santa—a typewriter. The Ohio native later began her career by writing short stories, but with her first novel she truly found her fictional “home.” Today her passion for writing—and romance—remains as strong as ever. When not writing or thinking about writing, she loves to read, watch movies that make her laugh and cry, dig in the garden, travel, and play the piano with gusto if not skill. At home now in the Southeast with her husband and their mischievous Maine Coon cat, she is (of course) working on a new novel. On her computer.