Johnny Come Lately

About the Book

He had a Johnny Depp mouth that drove women wild. But the Hollywood screenwriter with two Oscars under his belt wasn't the bad boy he seemed. For Johnny Hazard that reputation was pure self-protection. Relationships and love, he had learned the hard way, just weren't his thing.

Too bad Savannah Pride wasn't buying that. She knew him too well. And long after her parents' painful divorce, she was still trying to unite her family like the Brady Bunch--including Johnny, her once-upon-a-time stepbrother. If Savannah had her way he would become something way more than that.

Could her longtime desire for Johnny work out at last? Or would their differing memories of long ago drive him away again, this time for good?

Both he and Savannah had a lot to learn. Because family, like love, can have many different faces.

Better Late Than Never....