The Go-To Girl

About the Book

She can fix anyone’s problem—except her own

Personal shopper Tess O’Neill is everybody’s Go-To Girl. Finding the right thing for a client is a no-brainer. Fixing her own life? That’s a different game. Tess can’t seem to get over her charming ex-husband but giving him a second chance would mean risking her hard-won independence—and Tess’s heart again.

Recovering gambler Grady O’Neill knows Tess doesn’t trust him any more than she does her poker-playing father. Grady can’t blame her. He was never an ace in life’s deck of cards, and he did break her heart. Still, he’s not the messed-up guy he used to be. How to convince his personal Go-To Girl they still belong together?

She can’t take the gamble. He has to bet it all. Or can they both win this game?