The Reluctant Rancher

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[Blossom and Logan on the porch, her last night at the Circle H ranch before she leaves, this time for good]

“So,” Blossom said, “I’ll be on my way soon, as we decided.”

She couldn’t read the expression in Logan’s eyes. Relieved? No. Not happy either, and for a long moment he didn’t say a word.

Then, “Blossom. There’s no hurry. Remember when you left then came back before—and I said I’d missed your chicken curry?”

She smiled, as if they’d spend the rest of their lives making such memories together, even about her cooking. “Hard to believe.”

Logan leaned closer. His lips brushed her ear then moved lower along her cheek to the line of her jaw where his hand still lingered. As their mouths met at last, and she sank into him, Logan spoke again.

“What I should have said, what I meant to say, is—” With the words his lips moved against hers. A wave of tenderness, of need, washed through her, and maybe him too, like the sea coming to the shore. “I really missed you.”