About the Book

She came home looking for a new life and found an old love…

After her painful divorce, novelist Jessica Simon brought her shattered spirit—and a bad case of writer’s block—home to the beloved Connecticut farm of her youth. There, Jessie hoped to find peace. Instead, she found Nick Granby, her first love, the man who had left her long ago, and like another ghost from the past, the man she had never forgotten.

Architect Nick Granby had his own problems, past and present. Jessie might believe in ghosts but he didn’t, and the neighboring farm he had escaped years ago was the last place he wanted to be. Yet his ailing father needed him. What could Nick do except help to save the struggling farm? And then there was the one woman he had loved—and lost. Could he make amends with Jessie too?

Jessie couldn’t deny her feelings for Nick. As their renewed relationship blossomed into love, her creative spirit also came to life again and—with a little help from another, ghostly pair of lovers—the words began to flow until Jessie knew she was writing the best book of her life.

Could she trust Nick this time? Or were happy endings only for the stories she wrote?